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Nickname Musical Chairs!

Rainbow Dash A
LinkRykker @ Cloudsdale Gaming
posted Jul 25, 14
Hello everypony, Twilight sparkle here, at least for while you are reading sentence anyway!

To start off, our server owner, Chris, has taken up the nickname Princess Celestia, and all of its alternatives. I have given up my nickname, Twilight Sparkle, and all of it's alternatives, to my fellow staffer, Impkali, formally known as Trixie. As a last note, Chris has given me the nickname Rainbow dash, an honor I will uphold to the best of my abilities.

Well that about sums up everything. Have fun everypony!

UPDATE: Hi. ImpKali here. Again, I must give up the name of Twilight! Any interested parties for the name please post here and I will put your name in a poll when we have at least 2. You must have at least access to VIP or the Alicorn class.
Queen Chrysalis VIP No, it means that some of the staff are now not who they were before. Chris = Celestia (instead of zep) Kali = Twilight ...
ActivationX Does this mean that everyone's name is changed? If so, is it a requirement?

Server Challenge #1

Spitfire_740 AArtist posted Jul 24, 14
I figured it'd be fun to set a challenge for everyone and see what they can build. I've set up 36 16x16 squares at /warp Buildzone and the challenge is to build whatever you want in one of those squares.

There will be prizes for the best builds, and anyone that builds anything there will get something for the time it took to build their creation. The only rules are that you can't build anything offensive, and Griefing is not allowed at all (Under punishment of Jailing or Ban)
Queen Chrysalis VIP <_< I'd be to lazy to take mine down... since after, I'd just rebuild it in wolfoxia. But thanks for answering my ...
Spitfire_740 AArtist I'll repay everyone who enters with what they used if they request to, if i do this, you can't break your builds to get ...
Queen Chrysalis VIP If we build in the competition, will we be allowed to keep our items afterwards? Or get a copy of what we made? Or will ...

Christmas in July!??!

Tacosbefriends APlanner posted Jul 11, 14

Ho ho ho, boys and girls! Discord Disco-Claus here to make a special announcement to you all! As you may have noticed, a mysterious chimney has appeared at the /warp event construction site, along with some giant presents and a tree! The elves have unionized this year and they expect to be paid, meaning there will only be one Christmas this year. Thankfully, elves aren't very smart and they want cookies, cakes, and pies rather than anything of value. With your support (and baked goods), we can have the biggest Christmas event in Cloudsdale Gaming's history! You can donate your baked goods right in the giant chimney at /warp event. With enough cookies cakes and pies, we'll be able to have an event each day for the 12 days of Christmas!

I look forward to seeing all you good boys and girls this December!

-Discord Disco-Claus

ShadeWolfie VIP I got a double chest of nothing but cookies.. Not sure if i'm comfortable giving them out just like that.. <-<..

Summer's Here!

Tacosbefriends APlanner posted Jun 17, 14

Hey, guys! Discord here to announce that Summer is just around the corner, and we've got plenty of fun in store!

First off, we'll be having a Summer sale on  VIP packages: 25% 30% off of 6-month and 1-year VIP packages for the entire summer! As always, VIP includes access to special classes, a monthly sponge kit, and several useful commands like /repair and /enderchest. All donations go directly to improving the server, so enough support might just bring new perks!

The Summer Fishing Tourney returns this Sunday, so make sure you log in and visit Fishin' Bob! As always, the prizes include sponge and special armor, and anyone can win!

Finally, June 21st is the Summer Solstice. Any astronomy aficionado can tell you that the Summer solstice is when the sun reaches it maximum height in the sky each year on June 21st. Any Cloudsdale Gaming aficionado can tell you that this means something epic is gonna go down! Log in  this week to see what's going on!

That's all the announcements for now! I wish you all a fun Summer, and I hope to see you soon!


EDIT: Just putting this out there we have marked VIP down to 30% as a shout-out to you all. Just a way of saying thanks for helping support the server. Thanks all <3


ShadeWolfie VIP WOOT *Throws money at your faces* o 3 o

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tacosbefriends APlanner posted Jun 13, 14

It's late at night in Spawntown. Mr. Spongey lets out an occasional gurgle as Mr. Medic Guy sells a pack of bandages. The full moon rises, illuminating a far-off caravan wagon. "But... it's Friday." Mr.  Bow Guy says. "Isn't the travelling merchant supposed to come on Tuesdays?" he asks. Mr. Cordwainer Guy simply shrugs. The heavy wheels turn slowly as the moonlit wagon rolls forward into town. The wagon, though similar to the travelling merchant's familiar mode of transport, is anything but. Dark in color and heavy as lead, this stranger's wagon creeps ominously toward Spawntown. Then suddenly, it comes to a halt. The inertia of the massive wagon rocks it forward, the sound of its sudden yielding echoing in the distance. There's silence, save for the slow creaking door of the stranger's wagon. Then suddenly... the driver emerges.

13 the Black Cat has arrived in Spawntown.

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