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Hey all! Chris here! I'm sorry to announce that the server will be down for about 20 minutes or so.

Reason being is that several threats and actual display of attack (including hacking access to the console) were passed to me this morning from a very unexpected source as well as me losing access to both the server console and the controlling website. These threats were simply made to gain power over me and all of you guys and I simply cannot let that happen. You guys are my friends, not just a community. I'll do all in my power to ensure that Cloudsadale Gaming will always be a server that all of you have a fun time coming back to again and again and will defend against the threats as best as I can.

If you would like to know more about the threats or current status, message me on Skype or right here on the website. I'll be available most of today. Thanks for being the great community that you guys have made yourselves to be. Cheers! ^.^
bkg360 It wasn't me this time...
Scootaloo VIP Who would do such a thing? ;-;
ホタル石 How about we all stop being mean.
Heya! It's me, Zepto, your mighty dragon admin!

It's been a good almost-year for me here. I have spent perhaps a thousand hours working on all kinds of things on CDG (three months on Cloudsdale alone, then another 200 hours on our custom map) and many other swell accomplishments. Regrettably, as of late it seems that these deeds of prowess have gone unappreciated. They are taken for granted. 

I had the sheer audacity to point out the slights in the management (for there are indeed a number of problems), and that ultimately caused me to gain some enemies in our staff team. It sounds preposterous, but it's true. Sneaky backstabby conspiracies, against me. Wicked.

There is, of course, a proverbial drop that caused the bucket to spill over. This week, a certain staff member mentioned they'd been considering leaving, due to their rampant inactivity. I agreed with that, saying that perhaps it would be better for CDG to have a more active person in that staff slot.  This very reasonable opinion got me a faceful of anger and bullshite. It then occurred to me that dragons such as myself don't have to take this kind of treatment.

I have put a lot of effort into this server (there were months when I was on top of the online list, with 400 hours online time in that month alone) and that earned me backstabbery. When I proposed changes for the betterment of the server, I got called self-entitled and arrogant. I have dealt the truth, sometimes the harsh truth, and for this I am being ostracized.  

I'm not leaving quite yet - I'm just quitting my staff position. You know, so I can enjoy the server again for once. Don't worry though, I won't do the dramaqueen thing and blow up my towns and the custom map. I am above such shenanigans. ^w^.

So, yeah, my beloved users! I hope you all enjoy Cloudsdale when it finally opens! And, when you finally ever get to dig around in Equestria, take a moment to appreciate that friendly ol' dragon who made that possible. 

Dragons are strong willed creatures, and we don't bow down to mediocre management, we do not take shit, and we are not fools.

P.S. I hope that the CDG Staff will have the good decency to hand me a copy of Zepto_temple.schematic. It's a very personal build, and I would prefer to keep it . And while you are busy, I would like a copy of Zepto_alcazar.schematic as well. Thanks in advance.
Elixend ...
Elixend "Dragons are strong willed creatures, and we don't bow down to mediocre management, we do not take shit, and we are ...
Cub aka Gummy
CubBearGirl @ Cloudsdale Gaming
*Puts heart on chest and raises the CDG flag in honour of Zepto*

Christmas in July!??!

Tacosbefriends APlanner posted Jul 11, 14

Ho ho ho, boys and girls! Discord Disco-Claus here to make a special announcement to you all! As you may have noticed, a mysterious chimney has appeared at the /warp event construction site, along with some giant presents and a tree! The elves have unionized this year and they expect to be paid, meaning there will only be one Christmas this year. Thankfully, elves aren't very smart and they want cookies, cakes, and pies rather than anything of value. With your support (and baked goods), we can have the biggest Christmas event in Cloudsdale Gaming's history! You can donate your baked goods right in the giant chimney at /warp event. With enough cookies cakes and pies, we'll be able to have an event each day for the 12 days of Christmas!

I look forward to seeing all you good boys and girls this December!

-Discord Disco-Claus

ShadeWolfie VIP I got a double chest of nothing but cookies.. Not sure if i'm comfortable giving them out just like that.. <-<..

Summer's Here!

Tacosbefriends APlanner posted Jun 17, 14

Hey, guys! Discord here to announce that Summer is just around the corner, and we've got plenty of fun in store!

First off, we'll be having a Summer sale on  VIP packages: 25% 30% off of 6-month and 1-year VIP packages for the entire summer! As always, VIP includes access to special classes, a monthly sponge kit, and several useful commands like /repair and /enderchest. All donations go directly to improving the server, so enough support might just bring new perks!

The Summer Fishing Tourney returns this Sunday, so make sure you log in and visit Fishin' Bob! As always, the prizes include sponge and special armor, and anyone can win!

Finally, June 21st is the Summer Solstice. Any astronomy aficionado can tell you that the Summer solstice is when the sun reaches it maximum height in the sky each year on June 21st. Any Cloudsdale Gaming aficionado can tell you that this means something epic is gonna go down! Log in  this week to see what's going on!

That's all the announcements for now! I wish you all a fun Summer, and I hope to see you soon!


EDIT: Just putting this out there we have marked VIP down to 30% as a shout-out to you all. Just a way of saying thanks for helping support the server. Thanks all <3


ShadeWolfie VIP WOOT *Throws money at your faces* o 3 o

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tacosbefriends APlanner posted Jun 13, 14

It's late at night in Spawntown. Mr. Spongey lets out an occasional gurgle as Mr. Medic Guy sells a pack of bandages. The full moon rises, illuminating a far-off caravan wagon. "But... it's Friday." Mr.  Bow Guy says. "Isn't the travelling merchant supposed to come on Tuesdays?" he asks. Mr. Cordwainer Guy simply shrugs. The heavy wheels turn slowly as the moonlit wagon rolls forward into town. The wagon, though similar to the travelling merchant's familiar mode of transport, is anything but. Dark in color and heavy as lead, this stranger's wagon creeps ominously toward Spawntown. Then suddenly, it comes to a halt. The inertia of the massive wagon rocks it forward, the sound of its sudden yielding echoing in the distance. There's silence, save for the slow creaking door of the stranger's wagon. Then suddenly... the driver emerges.

13 the Black Cat has arrived in Spawntown.

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